Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sentimental Saturday

I told Philip just the other day that I sort of wanted to get sick so that I'd have a really good excuse to stay in bed all day.  I'm not kidding!  You guys are a pretty keen bunch so you know where this story is headed.  I wouldn't say that I'm super sick, but it IS stomach related and I do NOT do nausea.  UGH!  It's such a big fat bummer!  So, I choose to sit on the couch as still as possible with Vicks under my nose.  What?!  You don't know this trick?  I got it from my sis (who has an even bigger phobia of stomach bugs than I), who got it from her neighbor who was a nurse.  Somehow the smell tricks your brain into "forgetting" that your stomach hurts!  I'm not claiming it's the cure-all, but sometimes it's all ya need to get yourself over the "gaggy, am I going to puke? part".
Where was I?.....Oh, yes, I'm on the couch (HALLELUJAH)!  So I figured what better time than now to write a quick blog post.
Today, Ethan & Peyt were hanging with friends (such an answer to prayer!...not b/c they were gone [haha] but that there are kids here for them to get to know!)  It's super rare that we only have two kids at home and it's been nice to spend some concentrated time with our two littles. I'm so thankful they love playing together!

Earlier today, I thought all I needed was some good fresh air, so we decided to go into Old Town and people watch.  Friends!!, I keep forgetting to share this little tid-bit of Prague info with you!  Wrangler jeans are alive and well in this uber fashionistic society.  Now, where I come from, there's only one cut of Wrangler jeans.....BOOTCUT.  You see 'em on ranchers and men my dad's age (sorry, dad, it's true!  We've tried to tell you for years that you can buy jeans at stores other than Academy and Tractor Supply but you just won't listen!)  Here though, there are all sorts of cuts and colors and all ages wear them.  Look at the guy on the left!  He's like 18 and he's most definitely NOT a rancher!  (Yes, the guy next to him IS wearing a skirt;  which truly is more Euro than Wranglers in my mind!)

We saw this tower filled with painted bricks for some sort of charity......
......and fed some pigeons.

By this point I was feeling puny again, so we headed back to the hacienda.  Here's the part of my day that I REALLY wanted to blog about.  I don't love all the things included in the growing up of our kiddos, but one thing I really love is seeing their personalities develop.  Beyond that, it's amazing (& if I'm totally honest, sometimes horrifying) to see myself reflected in one of our children.  Today, I got to see a tidbit of myself mirrored in Morgan.  That girl has got it bad for all things country & cowgirl.  I love to watch her saunter down the cobbled streets of Prague in her boots!  When I was a little girl, I was sure I'd marry a cowboy and live on a big ol' ranch somewhere.  Mo dreams about the same, and I pray it for her!  Let me stop right here and, for the record, say that even though I didn't marry a cowboy, I still got one of the manliest men west of the Mississippi  (C'mon!!  I have to keep w/ the Western theme I've got going on!)  Not having wide open spaces, livestock, dirt, etc is one of the hardest parts of urban living.  So tonight, the two of us hunkered down and bonded over episodes of the Pioneer Woman.  For a few brief moments, the sounds of the city faded away and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma with the smell of apple pie, chili, and leather wafting in our noses. 

It was good.....real good!

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