Friday, May 4, 2007

This week has flown by!! Ethan celebrated his 8th birthday recently and wanted to take a friend to an Astros' game for his gift. Philip, Ethan, Gage and I all went on Sunday to, I think, the most boring Astros' game EVER!!! That takes a lot for me to say because we are HUGE baseball fans but it just was not fun. Happy Birthday Ethan (poor guy). Philip and I were lucky enough to go to two other Astros' games this week as well and they were much better. Our investment banker had suite tickets right behind home plate and the Astros' played a good game. It was a BLAST!! It will be hard to sit back in the regular seats after that game. Oh well, it was fun to experience the high side of life for a night. We were able to celebrate a baby shower with Abbe White this week (Yikes, I don't even know her married name! Sorry Abbe!). I CAN'T BELIEVE she's going to have a baby. We are so excited for her and Casey! I can totally go back to that night (and day, 20 hours, seemed like forever) when we had Ethan! You can never forget that feeling of holding your first born. There is NOTHING like it!
OK, change of subject, We are in the process of remodeling our house. OH WOW!! It is definitely an experience!! Can't say that it's all that enjoyable. I just keep my mind focused on the end result. It's actually kind of funny. You know some people already think our house is craziness just because we have four kids and home school. Whatever! Now lets add on home remodeling as well. Ethan is actually sleeping in the game room right now because we're working on his room. OK, maybe they're right, maybe we are crazy. Oh well, that's just who we are! We have fun together and God really has blessed us in uncountable ways!