Saturday, June 30, 2007

SNAKE! I was bathing Owen the other night when Peyton let out a scream that I had never heard before. Just a little history on Peyton before I continue. There really is no middle ground when it comes to emotions. She steps on a flower and it's big alligator tears or we can run over the family dog and it's about the same. I was joking with Philip 2 days prior to the "incident" that if she ever really gets hurt I'll be so insensitive, "C'mon Peyti Mac, shake it off." Two days later we'll take her to the E.R. and find out she has a broken femur. Anyway, so I hear this scream that sends me running, dripping baby in hand, to the backdoor. By that time Ethan is freaking out too. It was storming outside and they wanted to go out on the back porch and feel the rain. When they opened the door there was this huge (about 4 ft long) snake on our threshold. So of course the first thing I asked was, "Is it inside or did you shut the door!!!? (I DO NOT do reptiles or amphibians) Praise God they had shut the door because I did not want to deal with two hysterical kids, a dripping wet and at this point crying baby AND a big ol' snake. GROSS!!! We looked out the window and there it was laying right by the door and it looked like a copperhead. Well, close your eyes animal lovers, I think the only good snake is a dead snake. Philip was at a meeting so I called the two neighbor boys and asked them if they wanted to kill a snake. They were all for it and came over with machetes, a snake hook, a shovel, an ax and their snake boots. Their daddy has taught them right. After some time of highly increased adrenaline they "harvested" the snake. We noticed that it's belly was really fat in one section so we opened it up and found an entire bird!! Great science lesson. Travis and Clayton Bice are now our local heroes. Thanks Guys!!!