Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Peyton!

For Peyton's birthday I took her on a Daddy/Daughter date to the ballet. We had a wonderful time and hopefully made a memory for her that she'll never forget. The pictures aren't great due to the fact I took them with my phone. The two people she's with were Cinderella and her boyfriend (a little different version of Cinderella). We were able to meet most of the cast afterwards, Peyton was shocked and a little confused as to why the Stepmother was a man. I really didn't think explaining why a man would dress like a women would be one of the topics we would cover that night, I guess it just adds to the memory!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Time with Family

The kids had a chance to have some cousins stay for a week before school got started again. All were sad when Matthew and Megan had to leave, but plans are already in the works for the summer!

Morgan, Matthew, Ethan, Megan, Owen and Peyton relaxing on the trampoline.

Peyton, Megan and Morgan striking a pose. Looks like a shot from a Hollywood party from the 50's.

The girls having fun with sidewalk chalk.

Peyti Mac

No story... just love the pic

Owen, Owen, Owen.....

I guess it's only fitting that our fourth child goes to the emergency room twice in his first eighteen months due to injury since non of the other three have ever been (due to injury). This time Owen was at the wrong place at the wrong time when a neighbors bike fell and hit him on the head, so he is the now the only person I know to have their head supper glued shut. He didn't miss a step when he got home and all that's left now is a small scar... which can be cool depending on how the stories told.

Christmas Pictures

Here are some pictures of the kids at my parents house on Christmas day.

Sorry for the delay in getting new pics up.