Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some friends of our told us about a photographer who is town from Manhattan who usually only does fashion and entertainment shoots but is wanting to addfamily photography to his business. We hadn't taken any formal pictures since the birth of Owen so we asked if he would take some pictures for us. The pictures are so great!

This first one is Philip and Ethan (8). Ethan is ALL boy. He loves baseball, basketball, fishing, NASCAR and four-wheelers. He does, like his Dad, have a sensitive side as well. God has given him a servant's heart and a very intelligent mind.

Peyton (6) is our model in training. Seriously, the photographer
submitted her picture to modeling agencies because he said she has "the look". We'll see what happens. That whole industry is really scary and if we proceed it will only be after much prayer. Peyton loves dressing up, make-up and high heels. That, however, does not keep her from getting down and dirty with the best of them. She is our natural athlete. We have yet to find anything physical she is not excellent at. The Lord has given Peyton a very sensitive heart; wanting to pray for the injured every time we pass an accident or hear a siren. Maybe she'll be a nurse one day.

Morgan (4) likes to live in her own world and tends to be a bit rebellious as well.
During the photo shoot she wanted to run around barefoot catching minnows instead of sitting still for a picture. The photographer said, "no offense but she should have been a boy." That's our Morgan and we love her! Over Easter weekend she asked the Lord to "take my dirty sins away". The faith of a child is AWESOME!!! If Morgan has to choose between playing with animals and playing with other kiddos she'll choose the animal every time. Snuggling up with Mommy or Daddy and reading a book is a great treat for her (as long as the book is fast paced). We often have to remind ourselves that she is only three because she is so active and verbal. Gotta love it!!

This is our baby, Owen. He was 9 months on the 11th and is just great!
He did not, however, start out so great. When Owen was 2 weeks old we were told he had some medical issues that needed further testing. For about a month we weren't sure if our life was drastically going to change. On top of that, Owen was not a happy baby. After a total of about 6 weeks we got the good news that he was perfectly fine. The tests had been false positives. Praise the Lord!!!! We still, however had to deal with the issue of him being "high-maintenance". Whoever has had a colicky baby can I get an Amen! Around 3 months he just became a different child. Happy, content to be put down, etc. We held our breaths for a couple of weeks but he hasn't looked back. He is a total joy! His life is full of firsts right now. Sitting, crawling, pulling up on things, giggling, waving, babbling, etc. What a fun age!!!

Latest pic of the family

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This is our first season in Tomball little league. It's quite a family commitment and we love it! Ethan is the only one playing this season but Peyton is begging to play in the fall. She can already outrun most of the boys on Ethan's team (definitly takes after her Daddy in the athletic department). Luckily for me all of my kiddos enjoy reading and being read to so I at least past on one worthy quality. I started tonights entry regarding baseball because Ethan was 4 for 4 tonight and received the game ball! It is his second time to be honored in this way and he has worked VERY hard for it! Way to go Bud!!
School is winding down. We will however continue math, reading and history over the summer. We enjoy all of those though so it will be fun. Our new subdivision also has a rockin' swimming pool so I'm sure we'll be down there almost every day with some of our friends.
I need to go tuck little ones in. Goodnight!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Decided about 15 minutes ago that our family should have a blog. Is that the right way to use that term? I am so not tech suave but I'll try my best. Philip rode in the MS-150 from Houston to Austin yesterday and today. He did really well other than the collision he had with a confused cyclist. The ever so agile athlete was able to click out of his pedals while airborne thus avoiding sure entanglement. He has a sore knee from hitting the handlebars he flew over the front but is no worse for wear. The kids and I got up this morning and made it out the door by about 8:30am(a miracle in itself with 4 kiddos) for our road trip to Austin. Philip made such good time that we got to the finish line only about 5 minutes before he road through! Little side note for any of you "Amazing Race" watchers. Uchenna and Joyce were racing and we were able to visit with them afterwards. Cool! The kids had a blast giving high fives to the racers as they rode by and we had fun people watching.